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Let's face it, electricity rates are at all-time high in Australia, and we are all trying our best to do our bit for the environment. But with so much information out there from energy suppliers it's hard to really know where to start saving energy at home and in the workplace, and what the best products on the market at the time are. To make it easier for you, we've put together some smart ways you can save energy and reduce your electricity bill, as well as make your workplace or home safer!

For the avid D.I.Y-er, of course there are some things you can do yourself such as fixing drafts, setting timers on appliances and the more obvious turning lights off when not in the room and a 'Dad's favourite' - just put more clothing layers on in the colder months, and whatever you do, don't touch the thermostat!

In all seriousness though, we always recommend that any electrical modifications and lighting upgrades are left to the professionals. We can organise a smart energy plan for you or your business, which can include solutions such LED Lighting upgrades, PE Cells, Smart Sensors and motion sensors.

Here are a few things we recommend businesses consider to help save energy and make the office or your humble abode a safer place for everyone.

1) LED Lighting - if you haven't already got LED lighting installed in your workplace or home, we highly recommend making the switch! LED lighting can reduce energy usage and cut down on maintenance as they are replaced less often compared to their fluorescent counterpart.

2) Install PE Cells - Did you know that PE cells only run lights at certain times of the day? They are a great energy saving addition to any building. We recommend adding PE Cells to any outdoor signage, parking lot or garage lighting circuits as they can be set to turn on at dusk or low light. PE Cells can also automatically adjust the brightness of lights and dim them as needed. Installation of such energy saving devices can increase the lifetime of LED lighting and save you money on the next electricity bill.

3) Upgrading your main switchboard improves safety dramatically - many older structures (post 2009) utilise fuses or circuit breakers in the main switchboard. Newer homes are required to have at least two RCDs (Residual Current Devices) installed. RCDs can save lives - they pick up on current leakage or imbalance and will shut off the current to avoid electrocution. They are fantastic devices that we think every home and workplace should have as a safety precaution, they protect occupants from both electrocution and fire caused by earth faults.

These are just a few ways we can help you save energy and make your workplace or home a safer place for occupants. Have a chat to one of our skilled technicians today to design a complete smart energy solution. We offer quotes and consultations free of charge, and of course there is no obligation. At Nexelec we can help tailor an energy plan to help you save money, save energy and reduce your carbon footprint!

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