Frequently Asked Questions

How will LED lights reduce electricity costs?

LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology and has the potential to fundamentally change our future of lighting. Our products use approximately 75% less energy and have an increasingly longer life span than incandescent lighting.

Our preferred lighting supplier offers a complete range of highly competitive LED lights that are extremely durable and last much longer than their fluorescent counterpart.


What is the Government-funded Energy saving Scheme & how does it work?

The Energy Saving Scheme reduces electricity consumption and is a financial incentive rebate for organisations to invest in the current Government funded energy saving project. The scheme is achieved by installing or upgrading IPART approved LED-illumines with better technology to reduce electricity use.

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What is IPART?

IPART is the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal scheme for government administered regulations. 

To be eligible for the ESS Rebate, the LED lights must be IPART approved.

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Why should I upgrade my Fluorescent lights to LED?

The lifespan of fluorescent lights are much shorter then LED lights. LED illumines work on lower watt usage, in some cases a 100% decrease. Fluorescent bulbs and battens are less environmentally friendly - they contain mercury and if not disposed of properly have an impact on our ecosystem.