Case Studies


Our clients objective was to improve safety through visibility whilst reducing power consumption with an aimed target of 30% power reduction. Upon completion of the lighting upgrade, we were able to slash their energy savings of the car park by an impressive 62% with our high quality LED lights.

The pictures demonstrate how much the car park space has opened up due to the significantly higher lumen levels of the upgraded LED lights. 

A key factor for our clients was the 5 years manufacturer warranty and longer operating life span quality of our light fittings. This eliminates the need for ongoing labour costs for lighting maintenance and meaning no globe replacement costs required during that time (5 years). 


The fittings are IPART certified, so our clients were able to dip into the Government Energy Saving Scheme and claim back 66% of the total project cost/investment.

Noticeable on the left hand side of the first picture is the old yellow/ dull incandescent light fittings still in tact. Upgraded LED luminaries have been installed on the right hand side. They are visually brighter and more appealing over two levels of the 10 story car park.


The new and upgraded Premium Energetic Battens run at a total 39,600 watts now, whilst also exceeding the lumen output of the old 79,200-watt fluorescent battens.

Our environmentally friendly lighting upgrade technicians at Nexelec take time and care to dispose of the old fluorescent fittings in conjunction with the Government-funded Energy Saving Scheme to be eligible for the rebate with the new IPART certified LED lights. The materials are recycled to preserve the Earth's resources in a safe and efficient manner, reducing our carbon footprint.

Below are the indicative electricity c/per Kw cost savings associated with the upgrade of lighting schedule.


79,200w  x 0.11c

= $8.71

$8.71 x 18hrs

= $156.82 p/day

$156.82 p/day x 90 days

= $14,113.44 per quarter


39,600w x 0.11c

= $4.36

$4.36 x 18hrs

= $78.41 p/day

$78.41 p/day x 90 days

= $7,056.72 per quarter




The new LED fittings have really given the building an uptown 21st Century look, it's fresh and uplifting

Project Manager


Duration of Works – 6 Weeks

Project Cost – $60K

Project Scope – Strip out old electrical infrastructure. Install new LED lighting, power and data. Wiring of new communications room with 4 x 42 RU data cabinets.